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Where to Find Me

Let Your Creativity Flow

Welcome to Mhairi Scott Fibre Art.

I will be closing this website over the next few months.  It is not financially viable to continue paying for this site every month so I have taken the decision to focus sharing on my Instagram social media profile, selling from my Etsy shop or directly to the customer and writing though my Substack page. All of those contact points can be found below.  If you are ever close by my studio you can also message me and pop by!


Thank you for the support and interest over the past few years.  I hope to connect with you on my other platforms or even in person at my studio or any of my events!

Working with wools, silks, cloth and all manner of things can be very therapeutic.  My studio is on the west coast of Scotland is located next to the sea and forests of Argyll so inspiration freely flows freely through all that you create here.  It is such a beautiful location to create and play with felting.  

If you would like to learn and create with me at my studio on a special one to one project please message me to have a chat about what it is that you would like to work on.  

You can contact me by the following ways -

Phone - 07792354502

Email -

Instagram -

Facebook -

Substack -

Etsy -

Location of Studio - The Hollies, Toward, Argyll & Bute, PA23 7UG

If you would like to visit my studio please message me to arrange.

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