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Wet Felting

The weaving of Wool using Water, Soap and Elbow Grease !

What is Wet Felting?

Wet felting is a technique that uses olive oil soap, water, wool and friction to interlock and combine the fibres of your project.  You roll, rub and sometimes use textured surfaces like bamboo mats or bubble wrap to help create a piece of felt.  The repetitive movement of your hands and tools create agitation of the fibres so that they in time become one.

You can create a flat or 2D piece such as a scarf or wall hanging or move into 3D with a vase or sculpture.  It is also possible to design and create clothing with wet felting so opening up a whole area of possibilities.  Then you could make tops, dresses, anything that you can dream up!

In nuno felting you also can combine fabrics with your chosen wool, moving and agitating them together with the movement of your hands and tools.  I have used this process with various silks. lace and cheesecloth fabrics.



Natural Printing & Dyeing Methods

I have been taught how to use my printing pot as the mordant for my fabrics.  This means that I do not use synthetic mordants such as aluminium potassium sulphate (ALUM) or aluminium acetate to help fix the leaf prints on to my fabrics.  This makes the whole process more environmentally conscious and makes clothing behave more sympathetically next to your skin.  You get a gentler print at times using this process but I love just how natural it feels.  It keeps you closer and more aware of nature I feel. 

This is not to say that I will not use traditional mordants in future dye projects and clothing but I hope to manage and keep my use of synthetic products to a minimum.  It will always be stated if traditional, synthetic mordants have been used.

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