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Places of Spirit - ‘Àiteachan Spioradail’

Places of Spirit - ‘Àiteachan Spioradail’

This was a piece created for the Roots exhibiton at The Barony Centre in West Kilbride.


One of the main reasons that I was called back home to Argyll was my love of ancient sites.  Argyll is blessed with so many stone circles and rock carvings of great significance.  Kilmartin Glen holds some of the most spectacular carvings that I have seen and of course is home to Dunnad, the hill and stones of kings.


The cup and ring markings that I was lucky enough to see in Ormaig are represented in my piece.  There are many beliefs about the meanings behind these markings. I believe that they were identified by our ancient ancestors as paces of power and spiritual significance.  They were places marked by people in the same energy and way as stone circles and barrows of previous times.  


When I think of our roots, or ways in which we feel we belong to a space, these communal spaces are so important to me.  I think of peoples coming together and honouring the seasons, lines of energy that converge in certain places, celestial events and community.


In my felt wall hanging you will see the green of the land, blues of the water and representations of sacred stones and markings.  I hope that it brings you closer to our roots and our ancestral community.

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