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Update to yesterdays Felt Gathering post..

One space has been taken for the full week of the October Felt Gathering leaving 2 spaces. Three spaces are still available for the July Felt Gathering.

You can either book the full week or cherry pick which individual courses that you would like to attend on a daily basis. If you would like to join me for the full week then you would receive the Sunday course for free as a thank you discount.

If you are interested please message me to book individual courses or the full week. My email is, mobile 07792354502 or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

I cannot wait to work more on each Felt Gathering and flesh out this new way of sharing my love of felting with you!

The Sunday mediations will be a lovely way of finishing our work, tuning into your creative hearts and transferring that on to felt fabrics. You will have paper and mark making tools to capture initial images after the meditation before working on your fabrics. I can't wait to share this with you. Earlier this year I shared this type of meditative space online and experienced such a powerful moment of creative energy. I hope to help you feel this too.

So I have made some changes to the July Felt Gathering. You can check it out here;

The Felt Gathering - July 2023

Monday 10th - Sunday 16th

Monday 10th - 1 till 4pm

Introduction to wet felting - capturing the summer land and seascapes

3 participants - £40 each

Tuesday 11th - 1 till 4pm

Needle felting a garden fey with sweets, cake, crystals and musical bells

3 participants - £40 each

Wednesday 12th - 1 till 4pm

Wet felting a foraging bowl of summer abundance using a resist and surface design techniques

3 participants - £45 each

Thursday 13th - 1 till 5pm

Wet felting a phoenix inspired infinity scarf

3 participants - £60 each

Friday 14th - 1 till 5pm

Needle felting an oak dryad sprit using a basic armature

3 participants - £50 each

Saturday 15th - 1 till 4pm

Wet felting a green man wall hanging using surface design techniques - moving the 2D into the 3D

3 participants - £50 each

Sunday 16th 1 till 4pm

Summer fey meditation and freeform creation of wet felted fabrics

3 participants - £35 each

Total: £320

Discount for full week booking would include the Sunday free = £280 for the full week

This can be booked on a course to course basis or for the full week. Just message me for details or to ask any questions that you may have.

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