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Upcoming Felting Courses Here at my Studio on Toward

I am having a play about with some ideas re courses this year. I think that I would like to offer 2 separate weeks of felting, one in July and the second in October.

There would be 3 participants each day learning either wet or needle felting. You can book a space on one or seven of the courses that week depending on what takes your fancy..

I would also look at doing a weekly course fee that would be slightly reduced if that became something people were interested in...

Here is my first draft of what I would like to do in July ....

The Felt Gathering - July 2023

Monday 10th - Sunday 16th

Monday 10th - 1 till 4pm

Introduction to wet felting

3 participants - £40 each

Tuesday 11th - 1 till 4pm

Needle felting a garden gnome with flower

3 participants - £40 each

Wednesday 12th - 1 till 4pm

Wet felting a bowl using a resist

3 participants - £45 each

Thursday 13th - 1 till 5pm

Wet felting an infinity scarf

3 participants - £60 each

Friday 14th - 1 till 5pm

Needle felting a sheep - using a basic armature

3 participants - £50 each

Saturday 15th - 1 till 4pm

Wet felting the sea using surface design techniques - moving the 2D into the 3D

3 participants - £45 each

Sunday 16th 1 till 4pm

Woolly meditation and freeform creation of wet felted fabrics

3 participants - £35 each

The October one would look like this....

The Felt Gathering - October 2023

Monday 2nd till Sunday 8th

Monday 2nd - 1 till 4pm

Introduction to wet felting - painting the night sky in wool

3 participants - £40 each

Tuesday 3rd - 1 till 4pm

Needle felting a Samhain character (pumpkin, ghost with chains, wizened goblin, zombie)

3 participants - £40 each

Wednesday 4th - 1 till 4pm

Wet felting autumnal fingerless gloves

3 participants - £45 each

Thursday 5th - 1 till 5pm

Wet felting using a book resist to create a 3D shape/sculpture

3 participants - £60 each

Friday 6th - 1 till 5pm

Needle felting with an armature (a creature of the fey, Samhain spirit, ogham birch spirit)

3 participants - £50 each

Saturday 7th - 1 till 4pm

Wet felting a magical cauldron filled with either eye of toads or autumn foraging or both

3 participants - £45 each

Sunday 8th - 1 till 4pm

Calling upon the season and the ancestors mediation and wet felting intuitive fabrics

3 participants - £35 each

Sooooooo does that all sound a bit mental?!! If you would be interested in these woolly shenanigans please email me - or on my mobile 07792354502 or message me on my Instagram or Facebook page.....

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