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Fun With Fibre Blog....

Starting a new blog immediately brings me out in a rash of anxiety and wonderment!! What can I say? How can I make it funky, engaging, witty, informative, fun and the over thinking goes on and on and on and on........oh and don't ramble on, only Led Zeppelin got away with that one.

So deep breath and begin, cos all stories have a beginning.

I like fluffy stuff and more recently playing about with fabrics and tools like heat presses, hot air guns and perhaps in the future soldering irons!! Getting smooshy with the fibres through wet felting is glorious. Getting all stabby with needle felting is pretty therapeutic. All forms of fibre art provide outlets for where you are in life and the energies present at any given time.

Your creative journey can take on arms and legs and everything before you know it. Feeling what clicks with your creative vision is important as you can fall down many a rabbit hole and go off in a tangent over an artistic cliff or two!!

So discernment can be gained by using your gut or intuitive senses. What is it you would like to do, bring to life, create, that sort of thing. Then have a browse at all of your open tabs and know what you need to learn and develop, one thing at a time.

2020 and 2021 have been times of pause, physically moving home and dealing with the lockdowns of a pandemic age, and what an age it seems eh?!! Emotional, tiring to the point of being drained of all energy and ooomph but ultimately thankful for the small, important things in life, the universe and everything. Life and every day is a blessing. Community, kindness and hope are what is worth protecting and nurturing.

My mental health has been kept intact through many things including online courses in wet felting and eco printing. Joining this global community online has been phenomenal for me personally and also my artist adventures.

To start this blog off then I would just like to say (borrowing from a famous hobbit) we're going on an adventure!!!

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