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Fun with Fibre

Creativity and Healing

I love the sensations of working with wools, silks and fabrics.  Feeling them change under my fingertips as I work them is so calming and beautifully creative.  Not knowing what will take shape is key to giving up many learned rigid notions of absolute control.  I have been taught how to go more with the flow and to love things that perhaps were not quite in my mind yet to begin with.

Loving the process, working with rather than against your mediums is teaching me to not strive for perfection or ideals so much.  That can get in the way at times.  Taking a breath and looking with love at what is taking shape before your eyes and under your hands tells you alot about the story that needs to be told in that moment.  It is a snapshot, an expression of within that leaks out into the world.  Learn to love and be grateful for its appearance no matter what it may tell you.

Perspective and interpretation are such dynamic things, changing through time and space.  Change is the only constant and in that energy magic starts to appear.

All of this has helped me to heal and learn about myself and my environment. Moving organically from one area of study to the next both refreshes and feeds that growth and self awareness/expression.

I am so grateful to have found felting and eco printing/dyeing.  Helping others to connect within and without using these tactile and visual arts is a joy.

So follow me down the fibre rabbit never know what you will find.....

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