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Mhairi Scott Fibre Art


My Commitment to You

Everyone can find expression through creative arts.  We can all enjoy the process of self-discovery through creativity. Believe that you can be create.  Throw away ideas of perfection and of not being an 'artist'.  What you can bring to life deserves to be in the world, free of judgement and expectation. 

At Mhairi Scott Fibre Art, I would love to show you a wonderful world of working with wools, silks and fabrics, using many different processes.  You can buy my creations here, find eco printed and naturally dyed fabrics for your own projects, follow my adventures on my blog and in time come be with me in learning through my courses.

I hope that you will stay a while, love the items, browse the shop, follow my blog and join me in my own creative journey using fibre and fabric.

Mhairi. x

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